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About us

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Who we are

About us

Who we are

Liberal Lawyers is one of the largest, most innovative law firm in UAE and the Middle East. Established in 2007, we are committed to delivering a world-class service - providing the highest quality advice, innovative, cost effective and practical legal services that focus on the needs of our clients.

We have a strong team understanding of UAE and global markets, many of them bilingual English/Arabic speakers.

At Liberal Lawyers, We realize how rapid economic and technological changes in the world is driving clients to focus on value and new ways of working. with strong expertise across a wide range of disciplines to solve our clients’ most complex challenges and make the right decisions in a fast changing world.

Core Value

Diversity is a cornerstone of our culture, We see diversity as strength and value the innovative ideas and connections that flow from bringing together people with different backgrounds.We understand what it really takes to work across different legal systems and commercial environments and to bridge language and cultural gaps.


Our Strength Through Diversity

- We believe in the power of teams

- We are focusing on the future

- We are rightly held to high standards in all we do.

- We are Innovating to turn opportunity into advantage

We have four values at Liberal Lawyers, Our core values reflect the ideals of our history, We strive to uphold our values in everything we do.

Network and offices

To support our clients’ international strategies, we are building now a truly global network  spanning 9 offices in 8 countries to be ready by end for 2020.

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